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The expressions in this section are supplied for the aim of testing for and converting between totally different information types like strings, numbers, and boolean values.

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StyleGet the most recent style information and options from , together with breakdowns of what celebrities are sporting and sale updates on major brands. Both approaches take an array of MapTypeStyle objects, each of which is composed of selectors and stylers. They will also be helpful in cases the place your feature information has inconsistent varieties; for instance, you could use to-number to make sure that values like “1.5” (as a substitute of 1.5) are treated as numeric values.

The course of the light source used to generate the hillshading with 0 as the highest of the viewport if hillshade-illumination-anchor is ready to viewport and due north if hillshade-illumination-anchor is ready to map. For polygon options, a optimistic value results in an inset, and a unfavourable worth results in an outset.

Premiering on February thirteen, 2015, the video featured a darker and more abstract ambiance in comparison with these for earlier 1989 singles ” Shake It Off ” and ” Clean House “. Swift included “Style” on common set lists for 2 of her world tours: The 1989 World Tour (2015) and the Fame Stadium Tour (2018).

Opacity control for layers allows exact management of the influence of every Style or Preset. A style’s root transition property supplies global transition defaults for that style. You can add a new map sort to which to apply styles, by creating a StyledMapType and passing the selector and styler information to the constructor.

Non-compulsory array of numbers Defaults to -one hundred eighty,-85.051129,one hundred eighty,eighty five.051129. This filter requires that the category property of each feature is equal to both “street_major”, “street_minor”, or “street_limited”. Any transitionable style property may additionally have its own -transition property that defines specific transition timing for that particular layer property, overriding the worldwide transition values.

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Returns true if the input values are not equal, false otherwise. Knowledge expressions are allowed as the value of the filter property, and as values for many paint and format properties. A style’s layers property lists the entire layers out there in that style. The type of source is specified by the”type” property, and have to be one in every of vector, raster, raster-dem, geojson, image, video. Non-compulsory boolean Defaults to true.


You must move a JavaScript object during which the property names correspond to style names, and the values correspond to the style values you wish to apply. The type of supply is specified by the”type” property, and must be one of vector, raster, raster-dem, geojson, picture, video.

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