Button Up Shirts For Men: Everything You Should Know!

Button Up Shirts For Men: Everything You Should Know!

The button up shirts for men are an essential piece in any man’s wardrobe. But, just like any other piece of clothing, if your shirts don’t fit properly, they won’t do you any good. Button-up shirts are shirts with a button fastening in the center.

Not all button-down shirts are button-ups, just as not all squares are, rectangles are squares. A button-up shirt is any shirt with a row of buttons on the front, as opposed to a button-down shirt, which has buttons that fasten the collar to the shirt’s body. Polo players in England in the nineteenth century invented this to keep their shirt collars from flipping up while playing. Because of their sporting heritage, button-down shirts are considered informal.

What kinds of shirts are there, and when should you wear them?

From least formal to most formal, we’ve categorized four popular button up shirts for men below. Wear comfortable clothing when you’re out with friends, going to a dance party, or going on a romantic coffee date. Formal shirts are appropriate for weddings, sophisticated celebrations, and more formal corporate settings. This fast guide does not include formal options like tuxedo shirts.

What should I wear with each sort of shirt?

Casual button up shirts for men with flat hems should be worn untucked, but shirts with U-shaped hems should be tucked in. If you’re wearing it over a t-shirt or tank top, leave it untucked; tuck it in if you’re putting a jacket, sweater, or vest over it.

If your tie is tied, make sure your top button is buttoned. Unbutton every button on your arms, then fold each sleeve three times. If you like, you can press the roll up past your elbow. When you’re finished, remember to button all the buttons back up.

How to Wear Shirts with Up and Down Buttons

There isn’t much difference in terms of when and where you can wear the two shirts. Button-down shirts, which are a little nicer, may look great on you with a thin tie and tailored blazer. Remember that they often look better with a tie when choosing a button-down shirt. So keep that in mind while you shop for clothes.

Button-up shirts are perfect for every situation. They can be worn in more casual contexts, as well as with a tie and a suit. Pair chinos with an open-collar button-up shirt for a classy casual look for dinner or on casual Fridays at work.

It’s critical to consider your overall look while selecting shirts. Remember what colors go with what and what dress styles you can wear in different situations. For security reasons, keep at least one button-down shirt and one button-up shirt in your closet. When you do, you will be fully prepared for any situation.

Shirt And Collar Cut Options

Due to their nearly identical styles, both button-up and down shirts are available in the same cuts, including the roomy classic, fitting modern, and ultra-sleek slim fit. There is no fundamentally wrong choice because the suit, event, and other considerations determine it. More crucial aspects include your preferences, interests, and what works best for your body. Though not always acceptable, slim fit is a contemporary and current alternative, and the refined beauty of a modern cut can never go wrong. Looser classic shirts, on the other hand, are more casual.

Can Untucked Button-Down Shirts Be Worn?

This debate is getting hot! Let us get right to it: Untucked shirts always appear sloppy, like an untucked T-shirt, unless there are extremely specific situations. Not suitable for areas where you want to appear refined, but fine for a quick trip to the supermarket. In general, casual shirts, such as Hawaiian or tunic-style shirts, are ideal for this look.

Wrapping Up: Button Up Shirts For Men

You can, however, untuck some casual button-down shirts if you want to. However, make sure the bottom of the garment is squared off. Any hem with a “scoop” or “tail” on it is meant to be tucked in. Because of this, untucked button-up shirts appear unprofessional. What length should an untucked shirt be? Halfway down your fly or halfway up your back is ideal. 

Because there is a short window for an untucked shirt to sit at the ideal length, it’s a surprisingly difficult casual style to master. Unless you’re dressing down, we recommend tucking your shirt in, and a long tail is ideal. That is, as we say, difficult to get right!

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